Earthquake Operation for Elevators

It is the most terrifying and traumatizing experience riding inside an elevator when an earthquake occur.  There is possibility one could be entrapped inside the elevator in the event and thereafter.  The worst case scenario is – the car and counter weight frame can be derailed allowing both mechanical parts to sway freely. Thus, increasing the risk of collision of both inside the shaft if the elevator keeps running that may eventually turn out to fatalities and further equipment damages.

The ASME code A17.1-2016 also known as ” Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators” requires all lift to have a feature for emergency Earthquake Operation (EQO). Wherein, the lift at the detection of a moderate seismic event will directly approach, stop and open its door at the nearest landing allowing passenger to exit the car as soon as possible.

This Earthquake Operation is a built-in feature for all ASME A17.1 compliant elevators.  However, the seismic sensing device (SEISMIC SWITCH) is not included for most installation.  So, for elevators which do not have yet a seismic switch, the Earthquake Operation feature cannot be activated in times of tremors.

Seismic Switch

Extra Low & Low Seismic Switch made in Japan

FRB Elektromek Automation Services offers a reliable SEISMIC SWITCH calibrated to detect both low and extra low earthquakes, quality assured and tested because it is Japan made.

Should you have requirements for this, please feel free to contact us.


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Hotel Door Locks

On our second anniversary,  FRB Elektromek is now selling elegant design hotel door locks below.


We have complete set to choose from for a hotel or condo building. Our available hotel door locks are wifi and bluetooth capable. Compatible to be use with a mobile phone, access card, wristband rfid and key fob. Communication platform could either be MIFARE, EM and/or Zigbee and these products are CE & FC compliant.

These door locks are competitive with the top-of-the-line brands which is usually expensive on initial capital investment and a high on maintenance. FRB Elektromek offers an affordable option for customers to choose from. We are easy to talk to and super fast to respond on technical issues.

You may contact us for for a free consultation on planning or existing hotel door lock maintenance issue. We sure are glad to help.

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Easy, automatic!

We supply and install building and industrial electro-mechanical instruments. Our team of professionals is there to provide you the most convenient and economical solutions as per your requirements. We do automation system design and assembly.

FRB Elektromek Automation Services makes sure to deliver and finish the job earlier and direct. Unlike other big and process-oriented companies, wherein the customer’s order is always delayed due to the time they spent on processes of approvals and paper works before they place the order to their supplier,  in FRB Elektromek by the time you made the down payment and approval, you can expect that the order of your parts is on its way.  Our customer support notifies you ahead of time the status of your order.

FRB Elektromek Automation Services uses the following products below in systems integration and automation.


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Why installing an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with Surge Protective Device(SPD) in Elevator is a wise decision to owners

elevator_controller_amp_elevator_integrated_controller_amp_elevator_specialized_invertorElevator control systems are complicated and sensitive circuitry since, most control modules used nowadays are microprocessor based.  Therefore, delicate to transient voltages and currents or to power quality(Harmonics, swells, transient surges, phase failure, overvoltage and undervoltage, and  lightning events) . The cost associated for replacing circuit boards and drives is always expensive and these events are totally unpredictable.


Below figure depicts the abnormality of a typical power supply of an equipment.



Fig.1 Ideal sinusoidal AC power supply (Left); Polluted quality of a power supply detrimental to load or equipment (Right)


Most Elevator OEM provider on their service contracts on customers whether it be comprehensive or non-comprehensive, does not and will not cover warranty of parts and performance when catastrophic events like lightning, surge caused by local utility provider or internal to the building power disturbances transpires. The cost incurred due to these events will always be shouldered by building owner or management. Even to defect not associated with power quality most of the times is blamed by service technicians on this issue.



Major surges, transient voltages and lightning strikes can destroy and actively deteriorate sensitive electronic circuit elements of

  • Motion Controller & communication modules
  • Power Supply circuits
  • Drives/Inverters
  • Sensors
  • LCD Displays

Controller modules cost about P60K to P150K pesos while, P200K to P500K for drives depending on its corresponding capacity. These elevator parts are not cheap so it is best recommended that equipment should be protected to avoid any circumstantial cost due to part defect, interruption of operation and legal liability or lawsuit when an accident happens.



Most elevator company will insist that their units are substantially protected from these events. But, it is always wise and economical to isolate and protect elevator with Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) and Surge Protective Device (SPD) since AVR and SPD are way cheaper than the expensive OEM parts.

A superb design and reliability tested AVR can eliminate these voltage dips, swells, over-voltage and under-voltage events.  However, it can not filter transient and surge voltages which last about less than a millisecond.  Commercial available AVR has a typical response time of 0.1 of a second. This is where a Surge Protective Device (SPD) or Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS) is necessary to cut-off surge and transient voltages from reaching the protected load, as in the case-the elevator.


Fig.2 Typical surge or transient voltage event which only last about 3/60th of a second

Since, the market is flooded with cheap and unreliable AVR, TVSS and SPD’s. In which, in some cases even cause defects to elevators. FRB Elektromek guarantees to specify only the appropriate size, best and cost-efficient brands of AVR and SPD already tested in elevator application for years.

Should you have requirements on protecting your lift equipment, FRB Elektromek has a solution for that. You may contact us for free consultation and sizing of AVR and SPDs.


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