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Wireless IP POE CCTV for Elevators and Long Distances IP CCTV Wireless Connection up to more than 15km

Internet Protocol (IP) Close Circuit Television (IP CCTV) better image quality in comparison to Analog CCTV. Connected using RJ45 on Power Over Ethernet (POE) transmission wherein high definition and better image resolution is excellent. POE also is superb in long distance application as compares with analog CCTV.  FRB Elektromek can integrate wireless IP CCTV using “Wifi” Bridging as far as 15km distance between IP Cameras and Network Video Recording (NVR) module. This is ideal for elevator car monitoring CCTV wherein cables or wires are no longer needed as it tends to worn-out, flexed, bent easily and consequently break over a short period of time. Wireless wifi bridging eliminates physical wire connection for elevators serving 10th floors and above. FRB Elektromek can offer you a CCTV system that fits for your requirement and budget. High-end or economic but reliable cctv component selection is also an option. Well then, give us a call.

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Easy, automatic!

We supply and install building and industrial electro-mechanical instruments. Our team of professionals is there to provide you the most convenient and economical solutions as per your requirements. We do automation system design and assembly. FRB Elektromek Automation Services makes sure

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Why installing an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with Surge Protective Device(SPD) in Elevator is a wise decision to owners

Why installing an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) in Elevator is a wise decision to owners.
Elevator control systems is complicated and sensitive circuitry since, most control modules used nowadays are almost all microprocessor based. Therefore, delicate to abrupt changes of voltages and currents or power quality(Harmonics, swells, transient surges, overvoltage and undervoltage, and lightning events) . The cost associated for replacing these circuits modules and drives is always high and these events are always seem unpredictable.

Most Elevator OEM provider or their service contracts either comprehensive or non-comprehensive does not and will not cover warantee of parts and performance when destructive power events like lightning, surge caused by local utility provider or internal to the building power disturbances happens. Cost that is incurred in these events will always be shouldered by building owner. And, it is seem inevitable and traditionally practiced in the field that even to defects not caused by power disturbances are blamed by Service provider on this issue.


Major surge or lightning strikes can and may destroy sensitive electronic instruments like
•Control modules

Control modules cost about P60K to P150K pesos while, drives cost about P200K to P500K depending on the its corresponding capacity. These elevators parts are not cheap and should be seriously protected to avoid any circumstantial cost on safety and equipment in the future.

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